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Small SMBI is a peice of software 4 the basic stamp microw controaler. It is structured like the windows version of smbi but is special desined to work on the basic stamp microw controaler

thease microw controalers are a very usefull tool if one is requierd to make a peice of software that rquiers direct hardeware controal. icon on a screen to play a song VS a dore bell. this project is a smaller project not related to the normal smbi project. please note this. small smbi source code is releasted with the intent that you will make your own project. you can do any thing you want with this code short of bereaking the law. have fun. if you are interested in helping with the developent and you have a basic stamp please email me @ or . than you for helping. 


below is the source and posible hardeware diagrams.
sofar i have not been able to get my hands on any reel stamp hardware since my homework board broke (radioshack for $80)
i have to buy a new one. I have been cheeting thought. I downloaded the virtual stamp works program and using one of the examples i (can't edit the circut) can chaige the source code. I am playing with that right now. The program above has been chainged quite a bit so the source atached is the curent. I also include a hook up diagram to hook up the stamp to the 3 swiches it is going to use. thease swiches alow it to scroal thrue characters for data entry. To program the watch wile it is runing you have to first get in to the edit mode.

If you run the program on on your stamp this shood be ez.

The comands i have implemented for the interperter are

d display
i input
g goto
c compare (if then)
e edit (self modifying code)
m math + - * /

the display comand is abriviated by a d
you have to get into the program mode by presing the buton conected to pin 5 on the bs2 at the first debug sequence.
you shood now se a leter going on and on and on on the screen. use the up and down buton to scroal thru the leters (butons conected to the stamp)
scroal until you select b. then hit enter (buton conected to the stamp, labled in daiagram)
selecting be set up a program with 2 lines of code.
it shood have now shown the [A] folowed by the last scharacter you selected. scroal thrue untill you get to d and hit enter.
it shood say
folowed by the last character you had. scroal up untill you get nothing or the leter a. hit enter.
next it shood say [C]. scroal thrue the characters untill you get to g. hit enter.
now hold down enter to just get thrue the rest of it.
you shood now see the text you saw when you firs started the stamp. hit the buton conected to pin 6 . You shood see
"-G-[DONE]--(b 1 edit)(B 2 RUN)-"
the G at the begining was the leter you tolde it to display.
every thing in this language is set up with colomes and lines.
lines corispond with a leter (A-Z).

the comands are listed below. they shood be able to clairify any misunderstandings*

display - displays one character at a time

display a character - [A] d
[C] charactr to be diplayed [D] [E]

---------------------------------------------the v stands for variable
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |
displat contents of text variable - [A] d
v [C] variable leter [D] [E]

------------------------------------the n stands for nomber
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - |
display a nomber - [A] d
[C] a [D] n [E]

a nomber is nomber asociated with a character. it does not have to be a character stored in a variable. I can be the nomber asociated with the ANSI character set (asociated with each character).

input - [A] i
variable leter [C] [D] [E]

this alows you to scroal thrue the characters and select one of them. the character will be stored in a variable.

goto - [A] g
leter of the line [C] [D] [E]

this is a jump in a program and jumps the program to the line corisponding with the leter.

compare - [A] c
first character to be compare [C] second character to be compared [D] line leter to goto if b was = c [E]

edit character- [A] e
line leter [C] colome leter [D] character to put there [E]

edit variable - [A] e
line leter [C] colome leter [D] v [E] variable leter

edit chainges the material at any point in the program wile the program runs.

math - [A] m operation to do (+ - * /) [C] first nomber [D] second nomber [E] variable for answer to be stored to

curent basic source code


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